Earl Grey 87: OUTATIME

Time Travel.

Time travel and Star Trek go hand-in-glove, so it was no surprise that The Next Generation crew had several "timey-wimey" adventures in its seven years on television and in the feature films. Darren, Daniel, and Phillip go "OUTATIME" in this episode, exploring episodes including "Timescape," "Cause and Effect," "Time Squared," "Time's Arrow, Parts 1 and 2," and Star Trek: First Contact

The Earl Grey trio break down all the times Captain Jean-Luc Picard would have been visited by the laugh-a-minute members of the Federation's Temporal Investigations unit with TNG's experiences with time loops, temporal anomalies, and Q's TARDIS-like powers. Prepare to experience a "Quantum Leap" of traveling across the space-time continuum with the Enterprise-D 's "Excellent Adventure" as they try to avoid predestination-paradoxes, and enjoy this episode about TNG and time travel.

Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren Moser

Editor / Producer
Darren Moser

Production Manager
Richard Marquez
Content Manager
Will Nguyen


Cause and Effect (00:02:07)
Time Squared (00:05:07)
We'll Always Have Paris (00:10:21)
Yesterday's Enterprise (00:15:26)
2 (00:22:25)
Times Arrow (00:24:21)
First Contact (00:29:15)
All Good Things (00:34:52)
3 (00:39:38)
Timescape (00:41:22)
Captains Holiday (00:47:03)
Star Trek: Interactive VCR Board Game / A Klingon Challenge (00:48:13)
A Matter of Time (00:50:24)
Tapestry (00:51:49)
Firstborn (00:52:58)
4 (00:55:03)
Final Thoughts (00:56:22)
Closing (01:01:37)

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